Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dreaming of a Kitchen...........

I just saw Camping with a Mortgage's '06 post about their kitchen.
Can, I say WOW ? ! This is what is in my mind for the counter tops and cabinets. I just love how the cabinets go to the ceiling, and the DYI soap stone counter tops.

Technically, we really are not with out a kitchen. We have a stove and a refrigerator. (Plus a refrigerator on the front porch. Lovely!)) However, we haven't installed the sink. Oh.........we've had the sink for almost a year... but all the delays with the total rebuilding of the floor joists, supports and basically everything in the kitchen area, that of course we haven't planned.....the cabinets... just haven't been finished. They have been 1/2 built since June......the framing of the cabinets are finished. But, that is all. I am not sure why they aren't complete. I guess it got old and the project had to be postponed to start another like the middle bedroom, but then the middle bedroom had to stop to work on the deck. Who knows when any project will ever be finished in this house. I have threatened take out the 1/2 finished cabinets and drag them to the road, and start over. But, last time I took out a cabinet, the floor fell in....

Back to the dreaming of a kitchen. I am so tired of eating out and TV diners. I guess they really aren't TV diners anymore, but you know the yucky frozen kind in black plastic. Call me stubborn, but I refuse to bring the dishes to the tub to wash them. I know we are having extreme water shortages and taking a shower while washing dishes would save water, but again yuck. ( Wasn't this a Seinfield episode?) So until, we have a kitchen sink ( installed), we will continue to be environmentally unconscious by using all that black plastic diners, plastic cups, forks, and spoons. I would really like to cook some chicken and dumplings, a casserole and biscuits. It is Apple Cake time of year. I want to sit around the island with friends and family and a couple of bottles of wine. I want all the wonderful smells of home made food filling ThirteenEleven's air. Oh Well. One day.... Until them, I am heading out to get a soup and salad at Chick-fil-a.

Also, check out this post about that dreaded big box retailer known by their orange color. So true....I will say our local store's manager was good to me when I had a problem. I let him know how often I was in there and he remembered me, I am a high maintance (blonde)customer, and gave me a store credit.

Did you notice something?.... I learned how to link.

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