Saturday, August 22, 2009

For the Wright price....

An architectural work of art could be yours.

I saw this link on Twitter the other day and I have been day dreaming since.

Go ahead and pick yours out.

FLW 's F.B. Henderson House for almost $2 million.

The Millard House for $7,733,000

or maybe the Stromquist Residence for $3.5 million.

10 Amazing Frank Lloyd Wright Homes for Sale Today via Design Crave

Also take a looksy at BeachHouse's Wright post.
and the post here.


Why S? said...

Of the ones you've listed, I would take the Millard house because it's in nearby Pasadena. But, FLW's Ennis House is also on the market and it's even closer to my current neighborhood. It's actually in my FAVORITE LA neighborhood. You can see it here:

(but to tell you the truth, the Ennis House is a bit grandiose for me.)

Mike said...

Hey, It still isn't ready yet, but soon for a LOT less money you could go stay at the ONLY extant FLW hotel left in the world: The Park Inn Hotel in Mason City, Iowa. Folks have been working there for quite a while to restore the place.

Mason City also boasts the only Prairie style subdivision in the world too, the Rock Crest Rock Glen historic district. I love going to walk around there. Here is a link to some info on the neighborhood, and FLW too:

My very favorite place is the Joshua Melson house:


Renovation Therapy said...

I want the Millard one, but I've only got about $7 left after this weekends shopping bender...

Karen Anne said...

I'm holding out for Fallingwater...

Jenni said...

Great Choices. (Would there really be a bad choice)

Mike I saw the The FLW Park Inn Hotel on the This place matters site.
Sad the others are gone.

d said...

The Millard House, for sure! Although I might regret having to dust the nooks and crannies in the concrete blocks...I think I could live with it, though.