Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Plant Stand

Frost is about 6-8 weeks away here in the Deep South.

I have several plants, ferns, begonias, etc. that I bring in for winter.
However plants inside the house placed on floor level creates confusion for our dog.

Last year I placed all the plants in the sun room and closed the door. With the door closed, I went on with my life, forgot about them, and stressed the plants totally out. I am so very surprised the poor neglected things lived to talk about me.

When I saw this great plant stand with MCM lines at a Flea Market a couple weeks ago and it was just a couple of dollars, I picked it up.

There it sat ignored on our front porch a week or so.

This weekend I decided to turn off Twitter and get something done.

I sanded, primed, and had planned on painting the stand orange. However the primer grey was really talking to me. I liked how it looked on our floor. ( Yes, Chris REALLY needs to stain/seal the deck. You are preaching to the choir.)

Right now it is only primed. I cannot decide to paint it orange and finish it with a clear coat or leave it the matte grey.



carrie said...

Gray works but I'd go orange. I think it'd be fun. Course you could always live with the gray for a while and see what feels right.

Good luck!!

Anna at contemporary bathroom vanities said...

I think it depends what you are going to put on top of it. If it's a big green leafy plant then grey would be good since it won't distract from the beauty of the plant. But if its some smaller plant or anything else that doesnt cover the stand at all, then Id do orange because its more fun! Good luck

Renovation Therapy said...

Orange sounds awesome. If you don't like...primer is just a spray away.