Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hooked on Camellias

A camellia a day keeps the blues away. Baby pick Double Japon... on Twitpic


Look a new camellia bloom to add to the collection. Vintage p... on Twitpic


a sample

of the variety

of camellias

planted on the grounds


1311 Vernon Street.

They are lovely !!!

My newest Camellia. on Twitpic


NV said...

Thanks for the pretty flowers! They're gorgeous.

Now when I blame your blog for distracting me (symptomatic of my adult ADD) I can point to them when I say, "Look at the pretty flowers" and there really ARE pretty flowers! (Not just me saying that to indicate that I've derailed my attention span again!)


Peculiar Whimsy said...

So beautiful!

modernemama said...

Funny, very funny, you are mocking the camellia outside my front door - lots of glossy leaves but no pretty flowers of any hue. Roll on summer!

Sandy said...

So lovely!