Sunday, August 12, 2007


I've been busy the past week staining and waxing the floors, yes waxing............

The moisture content kept being too high to use the polyurethane finish, so they say.
So..... we decided to go the ol' fashioned route to stain and wax the floors. We may regret this later, but we needed to get into the house. So wax on, wax off .............. like the karate kid. ( I am showing my age) After a couple of rooms I did decide to go buy a car buffer on one of my many trips to the Big Box retailer who should place an ad on this site. Yes I know I can rent floor buffers................ but that means, go, rent, load, unload at the house, buff, load, unload and drive back across town. I can have the whole house done by then. The car buffer works quite well, and the dark oak color is pretty. I am glad that the paint guys didn't talk me out of the darker stain like they tried. Oh...... thanks to that nameless Big Box Retailer, we are going to the Braves game Tuesday night.

I will post new pics soon. So keep looking at the site and click on the ad below actually beside every now and then. They are suppose to pay me??? We will see..

Thank you Marlene for helping to stain and wipe down all that sanding dust. That was so much help and I really appreciate it.

Oh, Also the bathroom sink is now working......... and the gas lines are capped so I can call the city to re- connect the gas. And the light fixtures should all be up next week. I still need a few, and that nameless retailer doesn't have any more I like.

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