Thursday, August 23, 2007

This week.

How many more days of over 100 degree weather are we going to have?

So we are moving.......everything is not quite finished yet, but the time is here.

The kitchen is not complete, but oh well........ no cooking for now. After all when it is over 100, what kind of hot food do you really want anyway. Me, I just want deli-meat cheese and crackers.

I apologize now to all you folks that have called and I haven't called back. I've been busy.
I will call you when I get a chance. I also want to thank Laura, Marlene, and George for helping us with the move so far.

We have the guest back bedroom set up and ready. The living room is set-up and the dining room is full of boxes. Oh yeah.... Puppy finally ventured into the dining room. Maybe with the boxes from the ol' home place he felt more comfortable. Or maybe he was trying to protect Marlene from the Haint in the dining room. By the way, for those of you who don't know, there is a bullet hole in floor of the dining room. Actually several. I think Uncle Mike dug out the bullet months ago.

The lights, and outlets work. There are a couple of baseboards Chris needs to re-install so the rest of the outlets can be installed. The middle bedroom has no change. It still needs a lot of work.

There are some cheerful humming birds that love to zoom in and out of the front porch, so far I haven't been able to snap a photo. The Birds are faster than the shutter of my digital.

The lights on the front porch look great. For a Christmas wish list, I need to add the post light that coordinates with the porch lights.

The MR-16 cans in the kitchen are GREAT !! I am more happy than I thought I would be with them. The give off the best color light and are small. I've used long lasting energy efficient bulbs in most of the fixtures. They have poor light color, but ..............if they help conserve energy that's a good payoff.

That's about all for now.. More pics to follow.
Check in often and don't forget to post comments.........

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