Sunday, September 16, 2007


So, this morning, I did some online research on Craftsman Style Homes. I found some pics showing homes with brackets and since I just posted our home's brackets, I thought I would share.

I also found this pic of a home exterior showing the tone of green I have in mind for the exterior. I do want to use darker accent colors as well to show off the architectural details. Probablly in darker shades of a similar green and an accent color, probablly an orangy red, brickish in color. These columns are very similar to ours and I really like the way the porch railing fits in so nicely. What a difference that makes! I just want to take down that nasty metal rail on our porch right now, but it kinda keeps the dog in, so for now it stays, but just as soon as the exterior is a priority..........also shutters........but the mullions on this pic of a house need to be another color! Good door..

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