Monday, September 24, 2007

Moving Boxes

Last week was a busy one. Not renovation wise, but moving stuff around wise. We had boxes and junk everywhere. I was (still am) preparing for the yard sale. The movers were coming to bring over the large pieces of furniture. I had to move the junk out of way for the furniture so it didn't have to be moved again. My sun room has become a yard sale staging area. I found out that it probably was originally called a sleeping porch, instead of sun room, so I may try to re-name it that in conversation... We'll see how well I do....

If you haven't noticed we have a write up and are in a remodeling blog contest. I haven't really seen other renovation blogs. Wow was I amazed on how good they are. Some folks have been renovating for years and years, not our one year. Please follow this link and visit this site and VOTE for THIRTEENELEVEN..... . There is a button at the bottom of this blog. I wish I would have thought to make pics of the rat and bird bones we found in this house, like they made pics of in another house. That is all for now, keep checking back to see how things are going.

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