Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 1 Pictures

Day 1 at ThirteenEleven..... The long awaited beginning, starting point pictures of our home 15 months ago. The pictures give you an idea on just how dirty was this place. Probably the second dirtiest place I've been, maybe the third. The thing the pics don't show is the smell. Eugh!!! I couldn't get it out of my nose for days. Then Mom suggested using the ol' Vick's in the nostrils trick. ( Yes, the very one the police use to hid the smell from murder scenes.) EUGH!!! AGAIN !!! ----- Well it worked.
Day 1 at the house was really Day4 after closing. The dude living here just would not leave. Then he left stuff here and kept coming by to pick up other things. I think we were very generous with the time we gave him and the fact that we allowed him to keep coming back to pick up stuff. But, considering the bullets and bullet holes found everywhere in the house, it was probably the best idea to let him take his time and not to anger him.....Yikes.

So here they are...

Entry Hall ( looking from front door)
*note* Pepto Pink.. Lovely choice of color.
Also note this is the wall paper didn't want to come off the walls,and made me a true disbeliever in all the store bought paper removal solutions and systems.

Living room to sun room ( left)
to dining (right) Yep, it really is Pink Carpet.
Dining Room
See that moldy moisture spot to the left.
Yes, anything like that means, whole walls have to be removed and re-built.
Including replacing the interior workings of the double hung windows.
Keep that in mind for future projects.

Main Hall back to front, then front to back.
-The carpet was really dirtier than shown in the pics.
-The wallpaper covered the well known Pepto Pink.
-Why would anyone place sconces on the moulding?
-Lovely drapes covering the washer/dryer area.
(To date... no doors added to wash dry area)

Front Bedroom.
"That is a Groovy light fixture, dude."
We sold it at the yard sale and the lady was going to paint it red.

Dining Room.
Why are there bricks on the hearth? Is that blob near the hearth the reason Puppy won't go in this room?

Living Room
Wow what a mirror! and it was PLASTIC !!! We were so lucky it came with the house.
Note* The mirror was not glued to the wall. It was hung on a nail and they painted around it. See the pink peeping through underneath. It went well with the pink carpet. See the logs crammed in the coal burning fireplace. They plugged in and had a red light bulb inside. Lucky Again !!! That is a bug bomb on the vent.
I insisted the former owner to set those off before he left.

Half Bath
Note* Each door in the house had a dead bolt lock.

Middle Bedroom
I forgot about the top layer of wallpaper. Two other layers were underneath.
Why was stuff left in the drawer? This is the cabinet, when removed revealed a fireplace and the infamous hearth the fell to the basement.

Back Bedroom
Showing the carpet that was over the vinyl that was over heart pine floors.

Last Cleaned in 1989. The black stuff around the sink was facial hair ( Maybe?) where the dude shaved.
Many Thanks go out to Mom, Aunt Lynne, and Marlene who cleaned this room before it was demolished for re-building. We were able to use it for a while, while we were here working. Then it became a hole in the floor for 3 months, complete with a ladder providing quick access to the basement.

I've saved the best for last.....

Words really won't describe the status of this room. It is best described using guttural noises. Go ahead, give it a try.....EEUUGHH, EeeeE, Augh!!! UGH.
Notes* That is cat food left for the cat he left here for two weeks. I told P.O. "Puppy hates cats". Thankfully, the trap provided by the animal shelter caught the cat before Puppy. I am not sure what the trails of splatter goo are on the floor and carpet. Did I tell you, This room made me gag. There was a pot left on the stove that had something black inside. Shout outs go to Uncle Irv, who helped take down the cabinets and 'hawl them to the street. In the pic showing the pantry, there is a door above that was full of beer cans. Beer cans were in most of the hollows in the home.

6 comments: said...

Wow! This brings me back. This looks like my house when I bought it (cept mine didn't come with bullet holes).

The only thing that got the wallpaper off my walls was Downy fabric hot water. Scalded my hands for weeks...but all the hateful paper is now gone.

Aimee said...

Wow!! You have a lot of work ahead of you, but the after photos are going to be even more amazing when you look back to see where you started. :)

lynetter said...

I found my way to your blog after you left a comment on mine (thank you!)... and am only just starting to read. But wow, these photos. You can see the potential the house has, lovely lines BUT what a crime what they did to it. I'm so happy you're fixing it up. :-)

Nate said...

Pretty, pretty kitchen. I believed I've vomited that color of Eehuuug, or what ever guttural noises best describe it. I believe that particular shade was after some bad Chinese food!

Bungalow Monster said...

Your bath has EXACTLY the floor tile as my bathrooms. Have you found any of these in reproductions?

Isabela said...

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