Sunday, October 7, 2007

Everything but the kitchen sink.

After weeks of preparation and gathering of all our long collected treasures.....(junk). Our Yard Sale was held on Saturday. Working late into the night , we drug out many of the belongings that came with the house from the basement to the front yard. Rising early in the morning, we drug out the boxes of clothing, glassware, old electronics, rugs, lamps, dishes, art, picture frames, and all the things that we were going to get around to fixing, repairing, or refinishing.

Somewhere close to 6:00 a.m. there was a lady plundering through our junk with a flashlight. I was trying to pour my coffee. I knew I was going to need all the caffeine I could get.

We were able to get out the bulk of our stuff before daylight and set out the signs at about 7:00. ( cool signs that I creatively painted may I add) With in 15 minutes cars were everywhere. People were flocking to our sale. After all we did have enough stuff with our belongings, the houses belongings, and the stuff Marlene donated to our sale to house a small thrift shop. The waves of people continued all morning long. At 12:30 we were about to close up and then at least 20 more people arrived. We finally closed down at about 1:20, packed up the few remaining items to donate, and took a rest.

I was amazed with what all we sold. Many things that I didn't think would sell, sold fast. Some things that I thought would go, didn't. However, I could have sold 20 sets of patio furniture, and 40 handbags.

We sold a lot of clothing, and I thought I had a creative way to display the hanging clothes. We have 2 tall yellow ladders that I placed step side beside step side and strap tied some old gas conduit that we pulled out from the basement on the steps and created a long sturdy hanging area for the clothes. I so wish I had a pic of this and the traffic backup the yard sale created. But I was too busy answering customers questions and making change to find a camera.

Thanks go out to Marlene for here yard sale donations, and Mom and Joe for helping out with the hauling and helping with the customers.

The sale was a success and we hopefully raised money for a down payment on counter tops so we can have a working kitchen sink. (By the way, The old kitchen sink didn't sale and I only had $5 on it and it was stainless) We sold almost everything but the sinks. But just as soon as we placed them on the side of the road later yesterday afternoon in less than an hour they were gone, along with my hand painted yard sale signs. So I will keep a look out with who will use my signs next

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