Friday, September 5, 2008

Is it really Friday already?

Where did the week go?

Where did the summer go?

Where has this year gone?

Maybe she knows......

I've been frantically working on a project all week. You know........ one of those projects that you think will be a breeze, but it is not. Then your computer thinks it is working too hard, and decides to S....L....O.....W.... down the pace a bit, then your email locks up from sending out too large of zipped files. Then the dog needs to go out and all the separated papers from the project fly off the table from the gust of wind that came in the door and they land on the floor.
Then you think you have another day to work on the project, but then, your husband reminds you that Monday was a holiday and today is Friday.

Yikes....It is Friday!

YEAH! it is Friday. I finally finished....I think....and sent out the project.


modernemama said...

Yep, where did the summer go?

Marilyn said...

Lovely photo, Jenni. Sounds like a Lemon Drop night to me!

hayseed said...

Hi Jenni, thanks for the welcome to blogland-I seem to have lost the comment-still new to this and learning-I like your blog!