Wednesday, September 24, 2008

State Bank....

All this talk about banks in the news the past couple of days made me think of my little bank.

See......It is a State Bank.

It was my grandfathers. My dad's dad. He grew up to be an accountant.

It is called a Puzzle Bank. If you turn that little key up there. The walls fall in, and the money flows out. I could say more about that. But I won't.

You see.... I tried that once. Taking the bank apart. The stairs were on the wrong side. Not in front of the door. It was the most difficult thing to ever put back together. I could say more about that too.... but I won't.

( Did you notice the floors? They don't look that good in person.)


Anonymous said...

Do I need to know more of the "State Bank" Saga? Just
treasure it (the State Bank) and
all your memories.
Luv U,

Marilyn said...

That bank is the coolest! (and the floor look pretty good from here) :) said...

that bank is adorable!

Jennifer said...

Love it!

EGE said...

I COVET that bank! But I would BREAK it!

Sandy said...

That is the coolest bank ever (and the floors look good from here, too)!!