Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Garden Lecture....

The Garden Lecture was at the big house's visitor's center. In the two years I have lived across the street, I have never been to the visitors center.

The big house has only been open to the public a few years. ( 4 I think)

Once, when I was working for a caterer I delivered there. The kitchen was sooo very early 1900's,

but HUGE! and COOL!

The lecture was based on the book Legends in the Garden, and was given by the author, Linda Copeland. Basically it is the stories about the people behind the names of plants and flowers,
such as the Nellie Stevens holly.

Several times during the presentation I was distracted because the drapes and valance in the meeting room did not match the carpet. I often wondered to my self.....WHAT IN THE HECK was the decorator thinking..... I sooooo wanted to get a picture of how bad the drapes did not go with the carpet. In scale of the very busy patterns or even color. The color was close, and maybe if there was a change in scale of the pattern it would have been ok.

My grandmother has a saying about being close if you are passing on a galloping horse is ok....Or something along this line. But I was not galloping on a horse, I was stuck in a 20x30 foot room with the drapes closed for an hour.

That being said....the display room and the rest of the visitors center was well done and quite nice. Wine, Fruit and cheese was served as a reception and everyone mingled a bit.

Since there was a no interior pics policy.... I did get a shot from the terrace of the visitors center looking onto the grounds of the big house's estate.


Jennifer said...

Too bad about no interior pics! How funny about the drapes... I've done the same thing, though... stared at something that is just not quite right for hours!

Anonymous said...

The saying is, "You'll never notice it (a slight flaw) on a galloping horse." This saying was one of your Grandma M......'s when she was doing any type sewing project.

Liz said...

The galloping horse is true if it is an outfit on kids, but I don't think those curtains will be doing any galloping.

Sandy said...

So very pretty! Do you have any idea why places like that have a no picture policy? Is it because they have paid tours of the building? I like your Grandmother's saying!