Friday, October 10, 2008

Seed Pod

Since it is Flower Friday around here.

I thought I would post the seed pod from the Golden Rain Tree that grows in the alley.

The three sided seed Pod turns from a green to a wonderful coppery brown with a slight metallic sheen.

Each pod has three almost black English Pea size seeds.

I am not sure how difficult these trees are to grow from seed. There have not been any babies sprouting under this tree in the alley.

I would say, you should really love the tree if you decide to plant one. It is quite messy. The lovely bright sunshine yellow flowers that rain down in the spring turn brown and blow around in the breeze. The coppery seed pods drop in masses and crunch beneath your feet. The Golden Rain tree is definitely high maintenance.

Happy Friday.

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su said...

I have such a relationship with my sugar maples.. Sweet syrup as they awaken from their winter slumber. Lovely red blossoms early in the spring that make my heart palpitate in anticipation of warmer weather on the way. Lovely majestic arms and leaves providing shade from the hot summer sunshine. Truly amazing red flame, orange, and yellow leaves as they loose their chlorophyl to the branches and trunk for the winter..... Then the damnable leaves fall... What was I thinking.