Saturday, November 8, 2008

What's been going on...

Just a quick update on some of the things going on around ThirteenEleven.

Basically we are getting ready for our first frost and winter.
Last week we had a couple of very cool days and a threat of frost.

We harvested the rest of the tomatoes, eggplant and okra.
Now my window sills are full of green tomatoes.
We turned the garden spot and planted collard, turnip and mustard greens.

I cut all the Zinnias and made an arrangement I could enjoy inside.

We have been caulking, filling holes, and making sure the heat is in working order. I bought a carbon monoxide detector, which I should have had last year.... oops......

I have been very busy with work, which is good. Meetings every Tuesday and Thursday with a client for a huge project that will be installed in March. With two hour meetings twice a week, I find that the rest of the time is spend recovering from meetings and getting ready for meetings.

I am very thankful every day that I am busy.


nolan said...

I want to be busy, too! Instead I am lurking on the sofa all day every day (when I'm not lurking in my office at work), trying to survive morning sickness. I'm missing all this gorgeous fall weather, fall plantings, everything! All for a good cause, though, I guess :)

Maybe sometime before June, we can still do a houseblogger cookout!

laura said...

glad to hear you have some new projects going it a secret or can you tell us what it is???

Sandy said...

It has been quite cold here, and we have even had snow! It's working on winter... here in good old Michigan.