Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One. The lonely number.

House Resolutions for 2009

2008 was a tough year, and um.........not much was done around this old bungalow.

Our list was short. Only 8. Just to complete 8 things in 2008. That was all. Which at the time I thought was realistic. I was wrong.

Again. WRONG. ( See I said it right here for the world to see.... I was wrong.)

This year my goal is only one thing.

One. 1. Uno. Un. Une. Unis. I. The loneliest number.

(Sing it outloud, I know you want to.)

And if I combine it with the 8 other things that did not get finished ....ahem......even started. That would be 9.

Nine things for 2009.

I know you are wondering.....questioning...
"What the ONE thing that she is placing on her list?"

Paint the area around the light switch in the front bedroom ( our bedroom) where the terrible electricians re-wired the switch and completely tore up the wall...after I had patched, sanded, primed, and painted two coats of paint on the wall. I will also say that they tore up the wall .....
cough.....two years ago next week. And I re-patched and re-sanded everything....probably two years ago in March.

So Folks....That is it the ONE thing that I have on my list.

And as far as the 8 other things..... The only 8 things that we did not get accomplished.

We did work on the yard. A Lot. And the yard does look much better, except in the front where the grass is dying because someone turns his truck around on the grass.

I did work on stripping paint off the mouldings and door casings. Which is a major pain. Don't let anyone let you think otherwise. IT IS A PAIN. You can work for hours and maybe even days on one 8' board and still not get down to the wood.


The Kitchen..... I think I am glad we did not get further with the kitchen cabinets. After using the kitchen, I want to change some things around. Nothing big like a sink. Just one area about 3' long. (P.S. Chris doesn't know yet.)

That is it for 2009. Maybe just maybe we can work on some stuff from our 2008 list and complete the one thing for 2009.


Tonight it is off to some bar that Chris and his band has never played at before. I guess we will not be sleeping in the new year like normal and I will be washing the bar smell out of my hair at 3 a.m. I am excited. You can tell.


Josh said...

Happy New Year, Jenni. Just think how good you'll feel when you paint that wall and have your 2009 project list completed! You remind me that I should make a list of my own.

Lee said...

Hey Jenni, your "one thing for 2009" idea is smart, and effective. We use it at work to set the biggest, most important goal of the year. Then every smaller task is measured against how it relates to the "One Thing". I could drink this latte, or be working on my one thing for 2009...

Jessie said...

2 years, huh? I have a similar mark on our bedroom wall, actually 2 marks, where we removed old ugly sconses. I think it's coming close to 4 years since those marks appeared and i haven't repainted. But I guess it'll have to wait another year, I already published my list of resolutions!
Happy New Year!

Jenni said...

Josh- I thought about completing that goal today, but the paint was in the basement, and the rollers were in the middle room behind twenty thousand boxes, and drums and trim, and there were dog hairs floating around the baseboard, and the vac was behind the christmas decor that was dug out, never to be put I took a nap instead.

Lee- Maybe I can have an extra latte if I paint that wall instead of instead? Like a special treat. But I will think about how painting that spot compares with the big things hole in the middle bedroom where the hearth use to be. I do like that management concept.

Jessie - Shew...I feel so much better.

Onlinehandyman said...

Isn't it amazing how we never get to some of the simplest jobs? Also, you may have to paint that whole wall to make it look right. Have a Happy New Year! Scott

Sandy said...

Happy New Year! I hope 2009 brings you wonderful things.