Monday, December 31, 2007

Completing 8 in 2008

Completing 8 items in this house seems to be a Realistic Resolution for 2008.

I would like to think we could complete more, but the reality is.....we are slow.
Everything with ThirteenEleven is a "production" as Chris said in the shower the other day.
"A full complete Hollywood production." (Ben Hur maybe?) Chris and I being the producers, directors, set designers, and actors. Just a couple of guest stars and extras have appeared. At ThirteenEleven there is always DRAMA. It's not like saying today I will level up the floor in the kitchen. "It's only slopes 2 inches". Then four weeks and 4 huge piles of debris hauled to the street we have a total ground up new floor in the kitchen. Remember this is after I finished the drywall in the kitchen meaning with all the floor work.....the drywall taped seams cracked........Errrrr. Just as soon as we dig in and start working on a small project, it becomes a major ordeal = major money.

So for 2008...
1. Finish the floors. (now that we have back steps to the deck this is more of a reality, I can work on the hall and still live in the house.(two ways in and out of the house)
2.Finish the kitchen, cabinets, trim, counter tops, and back splash.
3. Strip the trim and doors (more on that later)
4. Finish the Bath.
5. Install a toilet and sink in the 1/2 bath.
6.Work on the windows. We have 30, so I see us working on a room at a time.
7. Yard, Yard, Yard !!Working on the kudzu jungle, so we don't look so trashy in this hood.
8.Finish Middle bedroom. (right now it is basically storage)

The trend being..... finish. Finish some of the projects we have started. I am sure some of these won't make it. I am also sure will work on many more projects that eat up time, but don't really show much progress.

Happy New Year Everyone !


Sandy said...

Speaking of yards. I saw your bottle trees on your other site. Cool! I love blue glass. Happy New Year!

=^..^= Kitty =^..^= said...

Your Hollywood production is "Ben Hur"...mine was "The Money Pit." When one laughs, it's much easier!