Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fireplace Summer Covers - an Obsession.

I just can not help it. I have issues. OK.
I have a slight obsession with wonderful cast iron summer cover inserts for fireplaces.

Every time I see a great Summer Cover for a fireplace in person, I stare.
I touch the relief patterns on the cold cast iron.

While other people are actually shopping the estate sale, I am staring at summer covers.

Other people are digging in boxes for vintage Christmas decor.

I am moving boxes to get a better view of summer covers and digging out my phone to take pictures.

While other people are viewing plundering through the kitchen cabinets, I am
pulling screens away from the summer covers. They were hiding this beauty.

(Oh....and can we all swoon at that green tile. )

Then I look up and see the light fixtures.

In this house, the ceilings had been dropped, but almost every room still had original light fixtures. I need a vintage light fixture for our hall.

The house also had un-painted trim, funky shag carpet, and most of all fantastic, summer covers.

It was almost too much excitement for one day.
(Note to self. Always carry camera in purse. Cell phone pictures are bad.)


modernemama said...

Oh, drool! I love the copper tones.

Christopher Busta-Peck said...


In my research about proper insulation and ventilation, I've read that for older houses, you want to open the fireplace damper in the summer. This is supposed to improve ventilation. So perhaps you might want to consider this as you lust after fireplace covers.

Then again, I'm finding it hard to get consistent answers about any of these issues - I'd like some hard science, dangit!

Jenni said...

Modernemama - Yes the copper tones are beautiful, They were my favorite.

Christopher - Soot, leaves, and bird bones were falling down our chimneys, until I "plugged" them up with spray foam. They are the shallow coal burning fireplaces. Only good for those high dollar coal looking gas inserts today.

NatalieDeltaGam said...

that sounds like THIS house when we purchased it...dropped ceilings (but original light fixtures!), shag pink carpet, stuff EVERYWHERE, .....but....great summer screens!

Tonia said...

Jenni - I found your blog awhile ago, but am just getting around to commenting. I grew up in the county above you and my first job was at the Wendy's on Vernon. My grandmother now lives in a neighborhood behind the college. I'm really enjoying the pictures from your walks around town. Look forward to more.

Jenni said...

Hi Tonia, I am sure I walk through your grandmother's neighborhood. Thanks for visiting.

Sandy said...

Loved the summer covers (especially the copper-colored one) AND the green tile and the stone in the last one!

M'elle said...

Dude... I LOVE the light fixtures... My husband had to made me STOP buying light fixtures on ebay. It truly became an obsession. I have more fixtures in the house than we need, but I can't bear to part with any of them.
Now fireplace covers.. He didn't say I could buy any of those... hmmm...

Green Fairy said...

I'm with you--whenever I go to an estate sale I spend time looking at the architecture and fixtures, too.

Those covers are gorgeous.

Angela said...

I have a beautiful summer cover that someone *eek* painted pink! Any advice on how to remove the paint???