Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pretty & Ugly

The Pretty.

Finally there is a hint of spring in the air. Yay!


Yep. That area on the side of the house that I have been watching, the paint has totally chipped away from the house.

I don't want to think about the paint so lets look at the flower a little more.

Let's think about sunshine and spring.

NOT paint. Nasty white paint flaking away from the side of our bungalow.

Paint chipping away where it needs to stay, for at least a little longer.

It is really strange the way it is separating from the house. Almost like it is getting wet. However, there is no moisture here. I checked and double checked. No leaky roofs. I even checked out this area one day when it was raining, and made Chris check, too.

Ideas, thoughts, suggestions. ???

Our should we all just look at flowers?


Karen in Wichita said...

All I know is, if you decide there's enough old paint left that you don't need a primer coat, and you paint, and then you put on another coat before the first one's really cured, then the whole thing will come off just like what you've got after less than a year.

In completely, totally unrelated news, our entire house, including the porch I painted last spring, needs primered and painted.

So clearly I'm not the person to ask. And I'm gonna get a pro to do it this spring.

modernemama said...

Flowers, pretty flowers, look at the pretty flowers

Jennifer said...

You have DAFFODILS already? I'm so jealous. I just LOVE spring flowers! Keep looking at those for me! Don't look away!

Larry said...

Hey!!! Your house's paint looks like ours!!!

When you go to paint, check out the 'Wagner PaintEater'.

BTW - Plumbing was originally outside the walls. If you look at untouched homes (museum type homes) before 1900 all the plumbing is outside the walls and was just painted to hide it. The plumbing in our plumbing chase was originally exposed.

Not real sure when the trend shifted to being in the wall.

Larry said...


Forgot to mention.

There are times when paint will come off of a house due to moisture INSIDE the house due to air conditioning and such.

Many people believe that you MUST insulate old homes. Doing this can cause the house not to breath properly which leads to paper peeling as well as outside paint coming off.

Older houses were not designed to have the insulation we do today. The outer wooden siding (under the clapboard) plus the plaster was considered the insulation. It also allowed the house to breath.

Does this make sense?

Sandy said...

Such beautiful daffodils... I am SO jealous!

p.s. That Larry knows his stuff!

Dutch-House said...

I had the same deal going on around the shaded eves at my house. An old timer told me it is from morning dew not drying in the sun, because it is shaded it stays wet way longer than other areas.
Not a whole lot you can do except scrap and repaint.

Anonymous said...

You need to get to back to the bare wood. If you do any sanding, make sure to use coarse sandpaper, using 60 grit will give the primer something to grab a hold of. Make sure to use an oil based primer, the wood will soak it right up. I learned this lesson after a few years of rescraping, resanding and repainting. It wasn't until I stripped the paint off with a heat gun, sanded with coarse paper, and primed with an oil based primer that I didn't have to repeat the process. Good luck!