Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Taming of the Kudzu Jungle

Yard Work: Oh........ my aching arms.

For the past few weekends, when it was not raining, we have been hacking away at the privet that supports mounds of Kudzu in the back yard.

April 2008. The dead Opossum Tree is to the right.

April 2009. The Opossum Tree is to the left. Since this pic, I cleared that bit of privet to the right.

A view from the opposite direction.

April 2008.

April 2008. ( You can see where the privet is kinda dead from spraying)

April 2009. Look there is a fence. Cleared by hacking away at the privet with loppers and pulling leafless Kudzu vines.

We have gained a lot of ground in the Kudzu Jungle over the past couple of years. When we first moved in Kudzu covered at least 1/3 of the back yard.

Taken: Day 1@ ThirteenEleven. ( PO's stuff on dangerous deck.)

Each year we gain a little ground. Each year the Kudzu gains a little back. The best fighting time is now, before the Kudzu sprouts and begins the summer sprint. Then it grows a foot a day. If you only have weekends to fight the Kudzu, that gives the enemy 6 days to grow 6 feet. YIKES.

We have got to hurry.
I see little sprouts.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like my battles with Elm. Except, Elm doesn't grow feet in days... it just SEEMS like it does! I just ran around and chopped off all the little sproutlings of elm again... second time so far this season. I'm going to beat it this time!

Good luck with your battle!

Renovation Therapy said...

Your weeks ahead of is this Spring thing. I am tres jealous.

Jenni said...

It was 27 here this morning. Burrr.
However it is suppose to be 70 Friday. Yay.

Sandy said...

Doesn't it make you want to just light a match to the whole jungle and be done with it? Whoever brought that stuff here should be drawn and quartered!

nolan said...

Privet is evil. Luckily we don't have kudzu in our yard, but it's the ONLY thing we don't have. Poison ivy, wisteria, periwinkle, honeysuckle, bamboo, Wandering Jew, ivy, privet...you name it--if it's invasive, it's in our yard and THRIVING.