Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Bowl.

Don't tell my sister.

Mom and Papa Joe bought me this bowl.
(Well not this bowl, YOU can buy this bowl on Etsy.)
They bought me a bowl like this one.

I love it.

Thank you both very much.

By the way.....
Have you seen one like this?

Isn't it cute!

Bowl images via RetroRevival shop on Etsy.


Kari said...

My parents have and still use these bowls all the time! I can't wait to tell them they're retro-chic

*plum*tree*studio* said...

oh i like it...very nice...i added the shop to my favorites..they have some good things.

modernemama said...

pretty pyrex - great color and design

Liz said...

I found out! That's ok, I have mom's old blue one with kitchen stuff on it.

Jenni said...

WHAT !?!
whatever, I really did not like that one anyway. huff.... (-;

Kari- Thanks for visiting. My aunt has the cassaroles to match.

Dana- This shop does have nice things.

M.M.- It is a great design, and LOVE the color.

Jennifer said...

Yummy! I love it. It would look so nice on a summer dinner table, full of pasta or veggies.

Sandy said...

I love things like that.

modernemama said...

Just dropped in to say I've tagged you on my blog to share with the internets six uninteresting things that make you happy (but only if it makes you happy to do it!)

Renovation Therapy said...

So cute! Love it. I've been looking for the amish version at tag sales...not that I have any room left!

April said...

Oh, yes it is darling!