Thursday, June 25, 2009

I learned something today about Pink.

....And I was excited, so I thought I would share.

Let's back up a bit.

I know... It has been a whole month since you have heard from me.

Life has been busy, the vege garden has been demanding, the house has been at a standstill and I was a bit board with the blog. I am working on changing things up a bit around here. So stay tuned while I work out some details.


Do you remember me telling you how ThirteenEleven was at one time all pink? The pink that your mind associates with upset stomachs and fake bubble gum flavor. ( Is there really a natural bubble gum flavor? ) Yes, I have scraped pepto pink wall paper, pepto pink plastic tile, pepto pink trim paint and even pepto carpet, 'til I needed a strong dose of Pepto-Bismol myself. ( click for THE color)

THAT color Pink has a name.


The name of the Pink Color that was very popular for home interiors from 1953-1957.

(insert Jeopardy music)

"What is Mamie Pink, Alex?" (Aly, are you reading?)


Mamie Pink, is the name of THAT color pink.

I was hopping through Twitter today and went to a link, then another, then another. I then landed on Save the Pink Bathrooms. As I scroll around, I land on THIS post.

"Where have I been?
Why did I not know this?"

"History and Design are my things."
"I feel like a blonde."

So go over there and read up, but basically THAT PINK color is named for
Dwight Eisenhower's wife Mamie. Mamie decorated the White House's private quarters all pink, causing a design rage of the times. Pepto Pink (oops Mamie Pink or First Lady Pink) then spewed through all the magazines, oozing into paint cans and on to the walls of your old home.

Mamie Doud Eisenhower
our 34th First Lady.

Image via Library of Congress.

Thank you Save the Pink Bathrooms for teaching me something for the day.

oh.....and giving me something to blog about.


Josh said...

Cool post! My first house, a 1951 cottage had a pink bathroom. This is the first I've heard of Mamie Pink or the interesting growth of that color trend.

Joe said...

This reminds me of one of my favorite houseblog posts of all time over at Bungalowcious.

Lee H. said...

"board with the blog"... pun intended surely.

Sandy said...

That's neat! I didn't know that.

Jenni said...

Joe, Yes! That is the pic I remembered. Satan spewed Pepto, Mamie Pink all over those walls.
And look at that woodwork and bricks.

Thanks for the link.

Jenni said...

Board bored borde....whatever..I am your wife's sister. Nuff said.

Karen Anne said...

Bungalowcious blog entry - beyond human imagination :-)

modernemama said...

Do you think some yellow or orange towels would have improved matters?

Amalie said...

Oh yes. I have actually joined the "Save the Pink Bathroom" list-- and I tried to add my pink bathroom to the Flickr group.

I've grown to love it.

Jennifer said...

Awesome! I'm not painting it pink... but I do like those pink bathrooms.

Water Damage Detroit, MI said...

thats really cool!

<3 Lindsay

April said...

We once had a pink bathroom. Except is was more peach and mauve, oh Lord how I hated it.

FishHawk said...

ThirteenEleven has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

Dawn said...

The pink in our house didn't have a nice name like "Mamie Pink" but instead was called SATAN... I'm not kidding. The paint chip I found proves it:

Jenni said...

Dawn, That is so Funny I remember your post.