Thursday, July 26, 2007



We installed a few lights.

Back Bedroom

Scraping the vinyl off the hardwood flooring.The vinyl was under the carpet pad , which was under the carpet. ( A lot of really gross stuff)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hidden Disaster

Fireplace behind Cabinet
Hearth Fell to basement/crawlspace.
Ad in paper stuffed in fireplace.
Danger ! don't step here....


Gross Stuff.............
Vines were growing behind the cabinet at the Kitchen sink...
Advice: Pull up any ivy you have growing in your can go CRAZY !
Replacing the sub-floor in the kitchen/ keeping room.
Layers of Paint
Calico Door


We have a stove, but Chris has not finished the cabinets. A friend who I will not say, suggested that if I post the cabinets, maybe Chris would feel the pressure to get them finished..................... I will be sure to keep everyone updated on any progression.

These pics were taken at least 7 weeks ago. Long before I began to paint the window trim. The cabinets have just been moved around. For the tile guys and floor guys.


Hall to front door
The space had two layers of wallpaper on top of this lovely pink paint, and atleast 2,437 nail holes.
Uncle Irv was counting them at one time.

paint: white marigold. Base had to be removed when house was leveled.
Hall to Bath
new HVAC return added. The switch to the left has too many wires, than I know how to install. If anyone knows, please let me know.... So I can install this switch. One switch controls one light, but I have 3 sets of wires.......

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kitchen Slate

The kitchen and keeping room slate is in.
I am not sure about the color paint (BM Palladian Blue) with the slate.
It worked very well with my sample (the more grey tone), but the bulk of the slate turned out a more rusty color. I used a Pewter tone grout. By the time I get furniture, art, rugs, etc. in the space it will pull together.


Total floor replacement .
I was using this room as my office.
Some of my idea pic, and wish lists are on the wall.
This is the only
plaster wall left (exposed), and I have been trying to save it. Chris keeps leveling the house causing more cracks in this wall. Hopefully I can make a final patch soon.

You may can see the old wavy glass in the windows and the kudzu patch in the yard.

Chris brought this color home one day where he used it on another job and liked it and wanted to use it somewhere. (Jilly, it is your ol' Dill Pickle. ) I am going to paint the mullions a dark grey and the window frames and trim Vanilla Milkshake.


Origional Subway tile on coal burning fireplace, under at least 7 coats of paint. I hope this hearth does not "float" like the other.
I painted the room a color I stole from my friend Heather. The ol' Lane-ies will know it well.... Timothy Straw. Everyone who walks in the room loves the color and ask it's name......... So Thank Heather........... you did good. We still need to add crown.


Foyer Walls

1. scraping wallpaper
2. skim coat drywall mud
3. dark primer/parquet removed from floor.
4.primed bottom and painted top

Kitchen/Keeping Room

Friday, July 13, 2007


Jenni's wall tile.
getting close to completion
Bath torn out. Check out the water faucet.

Dining Room Progress

This wall had to be replaced

Stripping wallpaper is nuts!!!!!!
If your wallpaper is stuck to the drywall paper. ( especially for 40 years) Don't waste money and time on the wallpaper removers......
TEAR OUT THE DRYWALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Dog's Life !!!

Puppy and his personal fan.
He looks at us funny when it is not on.

Helping out


Back Elevation
Back Yard