Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garden Pests

What the squirrels leave behind.....

The lubbers are sure to eat......

I found all of our corn shucked on the stalk the other day. I could not figure out what may have eaten all the corn off the stalks. Twitter said that is was Raccoons or Opossums. I believed them until I caught the furry tailed rascals green handed this morning.

As far as the Lubbers.....I hat them. Nasty bugs.

Good Day!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baby Blue Jay

Last Friday, I came home to find this baby squawking on our front sidewalk.

I went to see if he was ok. Looked around for the cat. Stayed on the front porch a bit, looking for his parents. Picked him up and placed him in the shade on the grass near the same spot.
Dug a worm. Watched for his parents a little more. Decided to squish the worm a bit and feed it to the baby.

Made the baby a little nest near the same spot with pine straw from under the tree. (So he was not out in the open.) Watched over him and fed him worm bits (totally gross) and a smashed blueberry til dark.

The next morning, I got up and expected not to find him. At least not alive, but he was, squawking up at me. Like "Where in the world have you been?" I then brought him to a box on the porch nested with dryer lint. I keep up the almost every 20-30 minute feedings throughout the weekend days only to find him peacefully gone Monday morning.

I am pretty sure one of his legs were broken and he had a slim to no chance of survival anyway, but I just could not turn my head and leave him there on the hot sidewalk.

I tried.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Front Sidewalks a Dying Detail.

I kinda miss the days when one would REALLY use the front sidewalk.

A stroll to town to pick up a spool of thread.

A walk to the neighbor's house to borrow a cup of sugar.

Or to step out and wave at the newest motor carriage passing by....

While most of the front sidewalks along our street are slowly disappearing.
Chris has been trying to save ours.

Yes, there are a couple cracks. At 90, who doesn't have a few crevices?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It seemed like a long wait....

The first lemon yellow bloom .....

The scent of the vine on my finger tips.

The first hint of golden orange hues..

To the scarlet colors still on the vine.

To finally.....

Thin crisp bacon fried to perfection, young tender spinach leaves, Duke's mayo, fresh bread, and Alizarin crimson slices sprinkled with sea salt and ground pepper.

I wanted the tomato juice to run down my elbows as I took the first bite.

It did.