Sunday, March 30, 2008

Farmer's Market

Saturday was such a pretty day.

Warm, Sunny, Springy..

I noticed the Farmer's Market had out plants!!! They sell out fast so gotta stop.

Pink, Orange, Yellow!!!


I bought two, for the front porch. Can't wait to get his house painted. The shutter ripped down and the metal rail removed.

Look! Why is there a pipe on the porch?

Then, I stopped here.

Employee Problems?

Can you ID this? It is all over the porch.

Sunday Walk: Part 13

Road Trip....

Today we travel south to Pine Mountain, GA.

Yesterday, while at the Farmer's Market I overheard shoppers mention the yearly plant sale at Callaway Gardens. Since I was looking for that Red Azalea, and Callaway is known for the Azaleas I thought I may just find one or two.

Well, I didn't. The sale was under the big top. Yes, boys and girls, in a circus tent. There were many plants, but not many that were........different. I did buy a geranium.

Since there was no entry fee for this part of the Gardens I thought I would show you around. Since we were here and all.

The Beach Pavallion.. So Mid Century.....F.L.W. kinda-ish.

See there is a beach on the lake. Also note.....Today it is cold........ burrr.

The inside... Look what I mean about the S.C. Johnson Building. I think they grow vines on the lattice in the summer. If they don't, the lattice needs to go.

The Vege garden. In the Summer,this is my favorite part of the gardens.

Can't we have one of these for the back yard? Pretty Please.


A Sunday walk is not complete with out some house pics......
Both of these are for sale.

We stop in town to stroll throught some antique stores. No good finds...:(
But ,this Soda Fountain is pretty cool. Look at door hardware, and the old... Air Conditioned Inside sticker on the glass.

We peek inside the windows. It wasn't open today. Ooooh. Look at the lights.......and the ceiling.......and the floor..........

Pine Mountain is a cute little resort town.

Don't forget about this... I have to get some of the ideas together to come up with a post. So there is still time...break out your crayolas.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sandy, Drummer Boy, Camels, and Awards

Sandy who I think was the very first person ,who I did not know or was related to in real life, that read this blog, gave me an E award yesterday. How honored I feel. She reads a lot of blogs. So to be on her top 10 list is a BIG deal. Before she started her own blog, I searched for hours trying to find out who was this Sandy that left a sweet comment. I followed her across the country blog after blog reading her comments.

Thank you Sandy. :)

I am to pass this on to 10 other bloggers out there... So here they are in no particular order... so folks listed below... pass this award on..

Insert drum roll here........

Wait.........Speaking of Drum Roll, ThirteenEleven's resident Drummer is out tonight playing at a honkey tonk in Warm Springs. That's right folks, our very own Tommy Lee is a honkey tonk playing drummer boy in a Rock-n-Roll band. ( F.Y.I. He doesn't like Tommy Lee. )I didn't feel like coming home at 3a.m. smelling like a Camel, so I stayed home. You know it takes 3 washes to get that bar smell out of your hair.

    Here is the list....

  • I Love Upstate- There is always a new project and great shopping finds in NYC and Upstate NY. I let Jean do all the bargain shopping for me. Oh... she has a great Greek Revival house, too.

  • 819 Ohio- I am going to be the first in line to sign up for Marylin's cooking classes. Hint, Hint.. I made the scones and have dog eared some of her other goodies to try. She has a black lab and her new old Tudor is fantastic. The posts are clever, and the pics are pretty.

  • The House and I- As stated in the tag line, this blog is full of wit and high humor. I am not sure how high humor is, but this blog is funny. Grab your self a snack, sit back and read awhile. Be careful and keep your keyboard covered, you might find coffee spewing out your nose.

  • Tiny Old House- Jennifer has great money saving ideas and is doing a lovely job remodeling her home.

  • Woodbury House- Jason and Heather's bargain find a couple of towns away from ThirteenEleven. Can you believe it, they are remodeling two houses at once? I am tired just reading about it. My Aunt was reading their blog and was so jealous.

  • My Marrakesh- Maryam has the most dreamy blog ever. Romantic pictures of far away places. Peacock Pavilions and the olive grove are on my to do list, but with her following I am sure there will be a long wait.

  • Can't forget my three crafty blogging real life friends, that introduced me to the blog world. Buy some of their stuff folks...These ladies amaze me. So very creative..take a look for yourself. Sherry at Easy Edges Studio, Laura at Lula-Belle, and Dana at Plum*Tree*Studios.

  • A couple of bungalow bloggers that I like to keep up with are 1928 Bungalow where nothing is ever plumb, level, or square for Nolan and Brandon. Also, Westview Bungalow where Steffi and Patrick live in a very fun hood.

This E Award is for you folks......Cheers....... Take a copy and pass it on.
There are so many other blogs that I love to read, but it is getting late and in just a couple hours Drummer Boy will be home.


Does anyone know what type of Azalea this is? It is that Paprika red color I love so... The red leans to the orange side. (more yellow) Most Azaleas that are red lean to the pink side. (more blue)
I want to plant these in the front yard between us and the neighbor's house. A long row of them.

Busy Week...

I had to drive to Atlanta, twice, due to poor planning on my part......
I did see all the missing windows and glass on the buildings in down town from the tornado the other week. If you click on these pics, you can see them too.

Connector Traffic was a complete stop on the way home so I took a short cut....
Georgia O'Keeffe and a Roman coin ?...second thought, maybe that is an Indian....??

Great Church door.
Endangered house, it is on the Georgia list. Not this list...but this list.
It reminds me of a favorite children's book.....with all the tall buildings around it.
This hotel is so....South Beach...
Anyway.........nothing new to report on the house....We have got to cut grass! But....... the lawn mower is missing a part. There is always something.....I am not sure how things around here get taken apart (since last summer I guess) and not put back together? I do have a little note beside the computer that reads Briggs + Stratton Model # 917.385 350, I guess that is what I am suppose to order.... sigh........

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fig Tree...

Thanks Papa Joe for the fig tree.
It is in the ground and watered well. Do you think we will have figs this year?

Sunday Walk: Part 12

Love the window.

This house is like ThirteenEleven. A little more narrow.
Love the windows and door (behind the screen) and side lights. Good porch railing as well.

Even though this pic is on flicker...I did walk past this house...I have a cousin was across the his boss's house.... a Tudor........ I'm saving Tudors for another post.

Look ferns....
The sun does not always work with you.

Happy Easter ! I hope you found the prize egg.

As a child, my sister and I went to Easter egg hunts in the park below the bungalows on the hill. (shown above) I don't remember finding the prize egg, maybe my sister did. I ask Chris if he ever went to the Library's egg hunt. He said..."No, are you crazy." Yep, I guess that is a difference between boys and girls. But he sure does eat those Robin Eggs, which is my favorite easter candy.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sometimes P.O.'s leave nice things...

Things that make you smile.....

and you are thankful...........

and grateful..............

and you roll around in the grass to scratch your back.....

You see blue stars.

PO=previous owner. just in case you didn't know, Mom. :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Red Rocker.......

A couple weeks ago, Chris brought me home a surprise.

He found it on the curb, and knew I had been looking for rockers for the front porch. It wasn't in the best of shape, it needed some extra shots of nails to make it a bit more sturdy. It received a good scraping, sanding, priming, sanding and now painting. But this time, I used some left over Navajo Red that we used in the foyer. I thought about going out and buying some more of the Paprika Red spray and then remembered I had some left over Navajo in the middle bedroom closet. aka: Paint closet. I will coat it with a clear coat after it receives at least two coats of this orangey red.

Another salvaged piece of outdoor furniture. He brought me another surprise too..a table...It is next on the list.

You can see the metal bench and chair in the background, still with out cushions. These will stay on the back deck and the rocker will go to the front porch. I just have not found the right ones yet. I checked out Homegoods. They had some for good prices, but not the right size. Does anyone have any links to DIY outdoor cushions?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Walk: Part 11

Today I did not walk. I have puffy eyes. Yes, all those blooming trees have got to me.
But here are some pics. The Pear blossoms really don't belong with this group, but they were pretty.