Monday, March 30, 2009

Yesterday from our Alley....

These azaleas are really in the neighbor's yard and hang over our alley.
But I like them.

Images from Spring Break...

We had a great Spring Break....

A mini Staycation. My sister and her family came for a visit.

We went to see the King Tut Exhibit. There my sister and I decided that solid gold flip flops may not be comfortable, but we could learn to walk in them.

We saw fish at the Georgia Aquarium.

Jelly Fish, too.

And finally.... We headed to the Auburn Basketball game.

We had a great visit and hope they come back to visit soon.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Peel Away My new BFF

Peel AWAY is my new BFF.

All the other strippers just make me mad.
They make the hairs in my nose burn.
They make me want to pull out all the trim in this old house and drag it to the curb.

Special thanks go to Westview Bungalow for the tip on where to find this gem of a chemical that strips through 99,000 layers of mulit-colored paint overnight in a single sweep. I looked everywhere in my small town and thought I would have to take a trip to the city to find the stuff.

However, Steffi suggested to look for Peel Away at Sherwin Williams. And our local SW store had it. Hidden. On a bottom shelf. Under a 1/4" of dust. They also did not know too much about it and tried to sell me some type of fabric to go with it????? I pulled up the Westview Bungalow web site on my handy Google phone to show them what the paper backing looked like.
(Hint.....The paper backing was in the tub of Peel Away.) Other than that bit of drama, all went well.

You can see Here.... and Here.... that the Westview Bungalow-ians are expert strippers.

Sorry, no pictures yet. I was too busy keeping toxic chemicals off the floor, off the dog, off my jeans, and out of my hair to attempt to take a picture.


In other news......

We've been busy working in the yard, trying to battle the Kudzu before it begins its summer sprint.

Also...we have company coming next week. YAY!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend's Snow...

On Saturday, I was not a believer.

"How could it possibly snow tomorrow?" I questioned. ( on Saturday)

Then on Sunday.....

Saturday, the temperature on the deck (in the sun) was 75 degrees.

Sunday, the view from the deck was this.....

The Kudzu Jungle looked like this....

Saturday, I wore flip-flops and a t-shirt while walking around the yard admiring the camellias.

Sunday, They looked a bit like this...

Puppy played Snow-Ball.

and St. Francis, wore a hat and shawl.

Well, I watched movies, drank hot tea, and now realize, sometimes.....
Sometimes.....I should believe the weather lady.