Thursday, August 23, 2007

This week.

How many more days of over 100 degree weather are we going to have?

So we are moving.......everything is not quite finished yet, but the time is here.

The kitchen is not complete, but oh well........ no cooking for now. After all when it is over 100, what kind of hot food do you really want anyway. Me, I just want deli-meat cheese and crackers.

I apologize now to all you folks that have called and I haven't called back. I've been busy.
I will call you when I get a chance. I also want to thank Laura, Marlene, and George for helping us with the move so far.

We have the guest back bedroom set up and ready. The living room is set-up and the dining room is full of boxes. Oh yeah.... Puppy finally ventured into the dining room. Maybe with the boxes from the ol' home place he felt more comfortable. Or maybe he was trying to protect Marlene from the Haint in the dining room. By the way, for those of you who don't know, there is a bullet hole in floor of the dining room. Actually several. I think Uncle Mike dug out the bullet months ago.

The lights, and outlets work. There are a couple of baseboards Chris needs to re-install so the rest of the outlets can be installed. The middle bedroom has no change. It still needs a lot of work.

There are some cheerful humming birds that love to zoom in and out of the front porch, so far I haven't been able to snap a photo. The Birds are faster than the shutter of my digital.

The lights on the front porch look great. For a Christmas wish list, I need to add the post light that coordinates with the porch lights.

The MR-16 cans in the kitchen are GREAT !! I am more happy than I thought I would be with them. The give off the best color light and are small. I've used long lasting energy efficient bulbs in most of the fixtures. They have poor light color, but ..............if they help conserve energy that's a good payoff.

That's about all for now.. More pics to follow.
Check in often and don't forget to post comments.........

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Haint Blue

Wow, I thought I would have trouble finding out about Haint Blue......... There is a lot of info out there. I am glad there is a little blue tone in the color I am going to paint the window mullions. 'Cause you are suppose to paint around the windows and doors the Haint Blue to keep those spirits and HAGS, (yes, Hags) out.

This is one interesting fact that I copied and pasted from one site.........

"The historical significance of "haint blue" ceilings goes back to slave folklore. Slaves believed that light blue kept spirits away, so they painted their ceilings a light blue. This is why the color for baby boys is light blue, in order to protect them from spirits or "haints." Of course, girls weren't considered to be as important as boys, so girls got stuck with pink! We learned of this tradition at the Owen Thomas house in Savannah. We have incorporated haint blue ceilings on our home: "

Listen to the NPR Report.... below.....

Another site with interesting relations of the blue..............

Is it of European origins???????? and not African origins............. what a good thesis this could this why the Greeks used so much blue in their architecture?

Go ahead and do a google search........I know you are curious.........

I really think I need to paint the doorways to the dining room blue now.............. Kinda Freaky............

I look forward to reading your comments on this one.........

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Porch Ceiling

Well, I remembered this morning that I really needed to paint the porch ceiling before the electrician installed the porch fans and the pendant light. So I go out the painting garb and got busy.
Well, I am not a neat overhead painter. When Lynne and Marlene came by I was Blue. Well, actually blue spotted all over. I basically had to take a mineral spirits sponge bath to get all the blue off. I think I still have a blue blob in the middle of my head.....
So here is a pic of how the blue porch ceiling will look. I read that this is called Haint Blue. I may be spelling this wrong. This is the color blue that ol' southern folk painted the porch ceiling to keep the spirits away. It also has something to do with the blue bottle trees. This color blue was to ward off evil spirits. ( And since Puppy thinks there is an ghost in the dining room we may need to use more of this color) I will find out more on the details and make a post of the relationship with the blue and the warding off of evil spirits. Was there an article in Southern Living???? The color is also suppose to help reduce bugs..... Well...we'll see. The actual color name I used is Ben Moore forget me not.
Oh.... the dining room , you are wondering...... Puppy will not , NOT , go in the dining room. He doesn't really like to walk by the dining room. The room had 3 doorways and is in the middle of the house and it is a large room. There is no reason that a dog would not want to go into this room. I am typing from the dining room right now... I'm not scared. But I will let you know if he ever decides to enter this room. Something about the dining room freaks puppy out.


Dining Room after sanding
Dining Room Stained and Waxed
Front Bedroom with Ceiling fan installed and floors complete
Back bedroom ceiling fan installed floors complete
Back Bedroom Pine Floors

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I've been busy the past week staining and waxing the floors, yes waxing............

The moisture content kept being too high to use the polyurethane finish, so they say.
So..... we decided to go the ol' fashioned route to stain and wax the floors. We may regret this later, but we needed to get into the house. So wax on, wax off .............. like the karate kid. ( I am showing my age) After a couple of rooms I did decide to go buy a car buffer on one of my many trips to the Big Box retailer who should place an ad on this site. Yes I know I can rent floor buffers................ but that means, go, rent, load, unload at the house, buff, load, unload and drive back across town. I can have the whole house done by then. The car buffer works quite well, and the dark oak color is pretty. I am glad that the paint guys didn't talk me out of the darker stain like they tried. Oh...... thanks to that nameless Big Box Retailer, we are going to the Braves game Tuesday night.

I will post new pics soon. So keep looking at the site and click on the ad below actually beside every now and then. They are suppose to pay me??? We will see..

Thank you Marlene for helping to stain and wipe down all that sanding dust. That was so much help and I really appreciate it.

Oh, Also the bathroom sink is now working......... and the gas lines are capped so I can call the city to re- connect the gas. And the light fixtures should all be up next week. I still need a few, and that nameless retailer doesn't have any more I like.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Exterior Rot

These pics are older but shows some of the repair work completed on the side of the house.

Friday, August 3, 2007