Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Great Balls of Fire"

Yes, Georgia went from severe drought the summer of 2008 to severe rains and flooding in 2009. The past week there has been no sun, only rain. I even tweeted that I am considering moving to Seattle for dry weather.

Until yesterday morning.


Then I tweeted...

"There is a strange bright glowing orange orb peering from behind the clouds."


I stared.





The night before I stayed up late watching Gone With the Wind on TCM. NV, of ThisD*mnHouse, and I had a blast tweeting all the clever lines from the movie.

Did you know the Scarlett says "Great Balls of Fire" almost as many times as she says "Fiddle dee dee?"

This made me wonder about this phrase...
Quoting Wikipedia

" Great Balls of Fire is a Southern expression which some Christians consider blasphemous that refers to the Pentecost's defining moment when the Holy Spirit manifested itself as 'cloven tongues as of fire' and the Apostles spoke in tongues. "

hummm...... I did not know.


I just like to think that the phrase refers to the wonderful bright SUN.

(and you thought this post was going to be about Jerry Lee Lewis)


NV said...

Wow. Love this series of shots!
And last night, after my shopping adventure as I was hitting the pedal to get on the highway, I said, "Pearl, make tracks!" :-)

Green Fairy said...

I love that picture of the squirrel as it's jumping across the sun. Great capture!

I drove through Georgia last week, my first time since I was six. Crazy weather! One minute I'm wearing gloves and shivering in the drizzly rain, the next day it's seventy and sunny. Looks like I missed the flooding, though.

Beautiful state you have!