Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vintage Wallpaper Part 1

While helping some friends out on their old house in Birmingham, AL, I came across this great old wallpaper book in the house.

I had to take pictures of these retro patterns.

Every page was filled to the brim with COLOR and FLORAL pattern.

Now, I wold like fabric with this pattern for window treatment in ThirteenEleven's kitchen.

Such Fun.


Green Fairy said...

It's all fun and pretty until, fifty years later, some new owner is trying to pull it off her kitchen walls. :-) Right now, I'm not loving wallpaper too much.

*plum*tree*studio* said...

oh i would love to have those as fabrics!! so pretty!!

Jenni said...

I scraped wallpaper for 2 months.


If it was a cool pattern, I would have left it.

Word on the design street is that Matchy Matchy wallpaper and fabrics are coming back in style. I am not sure what to think.

modernemama said...

Love #1! Having fun fight at the moment over how many rolls we need for our powder room.... someone could end up covered in paste!

us said...

these are so good. Use them for wrapping paper!

Sandy said...

I remember those wallpapers! Although I think wallpaper is pretty, I don't like it on my walls. :-)

Kate said...

we used to have number 3 on our kitchen walls in the house I grew up in!! The wall paper coordinated quite nicely with avocado green appliances!