Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vintage Wallpaper Part 2

More great vintage wallpaper samples for a little eye candy.

Puffy flower stripes.


A bird, fruit, and flowers. I love this one, maybe I need this pattern for kitchen window treatments.

Oh... Look at these Poppies. Although this looks like many of the popular poppy prints out there in canned artwork land, I love the colors.


dynochick (Jan) said...

When I looked that those wallpaper samples it clicked that old wallpaper sample books would be a great source of paper for scrap booking or to use as matting in photo frames.

I like the bird paper.

All my walls are either tongue and groove or extremely bumpy textured walls. Only smooth walls are in the three bathrooms. Two have paper and one is so hideous I can't believe that anyone bought it let alone a company even thought to make it.

NV said...

COOL! I was thinking about scrapbooking too (especially since my weekend of it is coming up quick).

I LOVE vintage wallpaper -- as long as it's not attached to cement block (as it was in my unfinished laundry room).

Renovation Therapy said...

The poppies are so Warhol!