Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Porch Ceiling

Well, I remembered this morning that I really needed to paint the porch ceiling before the electrician installed the porch fans and the pendant light. So I go out the painting garb and got busy.
Well, I am not a neat overhead painter. When Lynne and Marlene came by I was Blue. Well, actually blue spotted all over. I basically had to take a mineral spirits sponge bath to get all the blue off. I think I still have a blue blob in the middle of my head.....
So here is a pic of how the blue porch ceiling will look. I read that this is called Haint Blue. I may be spelling this wrong. This is the color blue that ol' southern folk painted the porch ceiling to keep the spirits away. It also has something to do with the blue bottle trees. This color blue was to ward off evil spirits. ( And since Puppy thinks there is an ghost in the dining room we may need to use more of this color) I will find out more on the details and make a post of the relationship with the blue and the warding off of evil spirits. Was there an article in Southern Living???? The color is also suppose to help reduce bugs..... Well...we'll see. The actual color name I used is Ben Moore forget me not.
Oh.... the dining room , you are wondering...... Puppy will not , NOT , go in the dining room. He doesn't really like to walk by the dining room. The room had 3 doorways and is in the middle of the house and it is a large room. There is no reason that a dog would not want to go into this room. I am typing from the dining room right now... I'm not scared. But I will let you know if he ever decides to enter this room. Something about the dining room freaks puppy out.


laura said...

since you posted this, i have noticed several porches with blue ceilings!

Duck Hunter said...

Found your blog while researching Haint Blue.

Also - the keeping away of bugs seems to be related to the original formula which contained lime.

I spent a bit looking at your blog. It's interesting. I like how you see the details in things.