Monday, March 10, 2008

There will be prizes....for your help.

Well..... a prize at least.... for your help in picking out exterior paint colors.
You'll have to work for the prize.

This is the house, as you have seen in the side bar, when we first looked at the place.

I use the older pic, because, actually since we have been working on de-ivying the place, it looks worse.

Below is a sketch of the same view.

Things we hate on the exterior........
1. the shutters.......they are cheap fake 60's looking things, that just aren't right with the house.
2. the iron railing......nice iron, but not craftsman in any way.
3. the storm but functional until we get a new door.
4. the loovers in the attic.......functional, but windows would be so much better. One Day....

Things we love.........
1. the windows........nice features, that would look great accented.
2. the columns......more nice detail, see side bar. ->
3. the brackets......... need to be detailed with paint see close up here.
4. the rafter tails........also pretty cool.
5. the "shakes"in the pediment.

Things you should know....
The roof is grey...only 3 years old.
The porch ceiling is Haint Blue.......which historically works with just about any color.....
The porch floor is dark slate grey, slate.

(I do not really know what the deal is with the un painted "band of bricks" around the porch.)

Other things you should know....I may not actually use any color ways that are submitted, but we will pick a winner. Hint...I do like many of the daily bungalow's pictures on houseblogs flicker page.

Our area has no paint rules, but my rule is no white or beige, or tan. Classy but cool. We will use Benjamin Moore paint. Break out your crayons or photoshops and have a little fun.

You can email me at..... (at)gmail . Or leave a message on the blog.

Redemption in Corktown had some great suggestions for their paint colors, maybe we will too.

Thanks Corktown for a great idea. Visit their house a while, it's a great site and they are in the middle of an addition during a snowy winter.

I also thought I would show you the neighbor's houses. White..............

Cream. BM montgomery white...which very, very close to SW6379 jersey cream. The guy at the paint store told me he picked the paint for this house. I ask what colors to be sure I didn't get close when we painted.

The house across the street white and on the other side of each of the above houses white too.

11 comments: said...

Sherwin Williams' Jersey Cream. It's a soft yummy butter cream color. That's the color of my living room walls and I've seen it used on the exterior of many homes. Then I'd stick with white for the trim.

There's my 2 cents!

Jenni said...

I have the Sherwin Williams fan, so I do have access to those colors.

Iloveupstate:Jersey Cream is pretty, but close to the neighbor's montgomery white.
SW6381 Anjou Pear a couple of colors down on the sheet is very nice as well.

Jenni said...

Why when you click on the picture of the house it is large. Full screen, but when you click on the drawing of the house it doesn't. When I view the file, it is large??
The origional is 8"x10"???

Jennifer said...

Mmm.... I vote a nice green... with a dark grey piedmont...

Anonymous said...

green with orange door.

Anonymous said...

Paint the house a soft green with beige, brown and rust accents. I'll color it and send it to you tomorrow. MOM

Anonymous said...

Nantucket Gray , Texas Leather,grand canyon red, and castleton mist. All Benjamin Moore.

Wanderluster said...

Since you like the columns, the windows, the brackets and the rafter tails, those are the things I'd emphasize. Sort of like in the SE Portland pic in Daily Bungalow's photos. I'd paint those parts, the door trim, and the 'sides' of the triangular part, around the shakes, a soft grey green like Sherwin Williams Estate Tan. Then I'd paint the shakes and the siding a deeper colour like Stone Lion so they recede visually. I'd also replace the iron railing with a more substaintial wooden railing that extends down and covers the brick part. Paint that the Estate Tan too so it looks like all one piece. This leaves only the brick stairs exposed which gives a nice sense of 'entry'. Finally, I'd 'pop' the front door with a nice deep colour like Manor House.

Jenni said...

Ouuuh.. Good one Wanderluster..

Larry said...

Hello -

Love the house! Who did your sketch?

Jenni said...

Thanks Larry, I did the sketch.
:) Paint ideas?