Sunday, December 23, 2007

Camellia and Doors

Another one of ThirteenEleven's lovely Camellias.
Doors I wish for. I love the wedge shaped panels on the one above.


Sandy said...

The camillias are so pretty! Love that first door.

Jen said...

This is a comment that I thought to be very funny that I received in an email and felt the need to post.

Hey Jenni,
Like your new pictures, esp the flowers. My hometown of Greenville is the “ Camellia City ”. Believe it or not they spelled it wrong on a bill board on the interstate one time and had to change it. You should check the spelling too…it’s easy to get wrong.
See you New Years,

If spell check doesn't catch it, I will miss spell it...So if you see any miss spellings please let me I don't look too stupid.
Loved how I was gently told about my mistake... hehehehehe :)