Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Water Leak update -Underground utilities saga

Well, we are still waiting on the gas people to mark the lawn in order to dig the water line and thus repair the leak.......... This time, I called the emergency number of the city. They promptly told me they have nothing to do with the marking. I have to call the state, here is the number.xxxxxxxxxx. I inquired, " Well, I saw the City trucks and city personnel doing the other marking in the yard with the water and electricity, why haven't the gas people been by" ( Now that I think of it, why doesn't one crew come and mark for all the utilities provided by the city at one time... Wouldn't that be the most efficient??) The city lady told me, it is state law to call this number then the state calls the city to do the marking for underground utilities... I told her we've called.
She said, she has no say so in sending out the people to mark the lines, it has to come from the state...... Good Grief !!!
So........... I called the number, and after listening to a long recording, I get a person,(actually speaking clear english ) who in return ask me for my ticket number........ TICKET NUMBER??? WHAT? Anyway, apparently Chris was given a ticket number when he called. They searched and found the request and stated that they have until Monday to come and mark the gas line. WHAT? Monday. By then I am getting quite frustrated with the run around I am getting. I tell her the situation about the water, and state that we are in a severe drought and the leak is wasting gallons and gallons of water each minute, can't there be some kind of rush on this. I then think of the long recording that mentioned "an emergency qualifies if the utilities have to be disconnected from the house...... " So I tell her we have to walk to the street and turn the water on at the meter when we want to have water in the house . So she ask, " Do you want this to be an emergency request." I say YES !!! Basically even with an emergency request, state law gives them 48 hours to mark for underground utilities...and state law prohibits any underground digging with out marking, and the state has to call the city to mark the underground utilities, all while the water keeps running, running, running. TYPICAL !!!! We really have cut the water off at the meter, because we are responsible for the taxes of the water.
This is a really %$*@! up system......How many people are our taxes paying to mark underground utilities?

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Sandy said...

The government works in mysterious ways... but wants to be paid by MANY taxpayers!