Sunday, December 23, 2007

ThirteenEleven has a Twin.

I know you are thinking WOW they have been busy painting the exterior, but no, it's our twin. (Scroll up and look to the right, that 's us. )Our twin has great railing. Not that crappy,rusty, 60's style metal railing. Every time I look at our railing, I have to hold myself back from ripping it out and dragging it to the street at that very moment. The only good thing about our existing railing is that it somehow reminds Puppy to stay on the porch when we tell him to. He goes to behind the railing and looks at us.

This kissing cousin of ThirteenEleven has Doors that make my heart skip a beat. I HATE ThirteenEleven's Door. YUCK. YUCK. For the longest time our doors paint looked like a cross and I felt as if I needed to kneel in prayer when I entered the house. Well maybe I should have...the house needed (still needs) a lot of help. Then one day I had white primer left on my roller and I thought, get rid of that green making our door look like a cross, so I did.
(Was that somehow, sinful?)

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