Thursday, July 17, 2008

The dirt on me.....

Four score and 27 moons ago, I was tagged by Jen over at Dogs and Jen.

Jen, along with her girls Pi and K, are renovating a Cape Cod in Maryland. So take a minute and check out her progress. I love her interior paint colors! But just a little word of caution, she is a professor who once worked for Arms Control in the state department. (Gulp.....!)

Jen...........really I am sooooo soooorrry that I was sooooo slooooow at responding to this tag!!!

And Finally.....
here it goes...........
some of the boring dirt.....on me..........

What was I doing ten years ago?
Working for a small branding company designing trade shows and showrooms. Chris and I met in 1998, but he says he knew me sooner.

Five snacks I enjoy.
Only 5? .......Pringles, M&M’s, Oreo’s, Gold Fish crackers, and Whopper’s.

Five things on my to do list.
To do list? What’s that? After I made a thousand to do lists the first year we owned the house and they all were ignored by others. I gave up.

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire.
Finish this house including greening it out so it would be completely “off the grid.” Buy a small beach house on the Gulf side of Florida. Do something wonderful for each family member. Invest in alternative energy technology and start a charity.

Five jobs I’ve had.
Caterer’s flunky, (I was queen of sauces, and made all the fruit trays.)carpet designer, showroom/tradeshow designer, retail designer and construction manager for furniture stores, and I did consultant work in the retail furniture industry before it hit rock bottom. (Currently, I am looking for a new gig so if you know someone that knows someone let me know.)

Five of my bad habits.
I hate putting away clothes. So with that money up there I would also make one huge dressing / laundry room / closet with tons of shelves. And everything could be done in one room. Wash, Dry, Fold, Hang, Store and Dress. ---- So need four more? Putting away clothes, not washing my car, putting away clothes, and not washing my car.

Five places I’ve lived.
Here in West Georgia, a small town in South Alabama, and Auburn, AL. I use to travel a lot and stay gone for weeks at a time, so that was kinda like living somewhere else. When the lady at the hotel breakfast bar, knows your name, coffee order, and where you like to sit, you sorta start feeling at home.

That is about it for now...
If anyone out there wants to play go for it...

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