Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Not much to report on around ThirteenEleven, other than the garden.

Picking veggies, cooking veggies, eating veggies, and freezing veggies.

I did eat my first tomato today for lunch. I could not wait another day. Sorry no pic.

While I was in the garden gathering squash.
Puppy was here.

Yes, Chris has taught him to jump in the hammock. Silly dog.

Early in the morning the garden is swarming with Bees.

Buzy, Busy bees dancing around.

Some are a little sassy and tell me to get out of the way or else!!!
I stay out of the way.


Anonymous said...

Those bee pictures are cool! I love that they are in a yellow flower it gives it that neat monochromatic look.

Marilyn said...

Jenni, those bee pictures are amazing! And you know I love Puppy's face, Kiss that muzzle for me.

iloveupstate.com said...

that bee pic is awesome!!!

Green Fairy said...

I love your close-up shots. What kind of camera are you using?

Jenni said...

Thank you.

I use an antique
Nikon Coolpix and I adjust the settings.

I am dying for a Digital SLR, it just is not in the budget.

Love my 35mm Cannon Rebel, but no one can properly develop pictures around here.

Jennifer said...

Puppy in a hammock...life doens't get any better!

Diane said...

great blog - just discovered you!