Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Walk

In town they are workin' on one of the old buildings. They took down the existing facade and this was revealed.
I hope it stays..

I have always loved this bungalow. Years ago, it was for sale and I went in and looked at it.
It had great classic bungalow detail with nice built in's and origional bath fixtures. It also has one of those old fashioned "ringer" type door bells built into the door.

Just some other nice details.

Have a great Sunday, folks.


Sandy said...

I love old buildings. I love it when they restore them and totally hate it when they just tear it down and just throw up some modern-day thing... the bungalow is just beautiful!

Nate said...

There was a lot of restoration going on in Fargo's downtown right before I left. It was so interesting to watch the 60's and 70's facades come down to reveal original details. I'm kind of excited to get back during the holidays to see all of the progress; there were quite a few projects that were planned for this summer.

I like the brick details too!

Jenni said...

Nate it is kinda neat to see the metal facades come down and the origionals revealed.

Sandy--that bungalow is great!