Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lubbers are from Middle Earth.

Lubbers are.....

The hard to kill enemy from Middle Earth.

Like Orcs....
They emerge from the ground by the thousands.

The devour everything in sight.
Develop armour. Become very difficult to kill.

And Hiss at you when you kill them...... usually by foot.

Last week, we watched all 3 Lord of the Rings movies. (I know we are about 7 years late.)

Ya see....When after 100000000 years of traveling and 3 hours of our time, Frodo did not toss the precious ring into the fire pit. We decided not to watch the second movie, cause we knew it would not be over. Then the third movie came out and we didn't watch it because we didn't watch the second. We would be lost. It took us the whole week, but we finally made it through all three movies.

When I first heard the hiss noise the Orc make when they die, I knew the sound. It is the same sound the lubber makes when your foot or smashing stick is about to send them back to middle earth. Then I started to look at some of the Orcs and in armour they did favor these lubber grasshopper things in our yard.

So now, I am adding Orc to the list of slang names for the Eastern Lubber. Along with Devil Horses and Mules.

So you have an idea on the size of the things....In the pictures above of the adult. (The red one is a nymph, just emerging from the ground.) The bug is on head high corn. The leaf on the corn is about as wide as my hand.


In most of the images on line the adult is not black. We must have mutants.. These in our yard are black with the yellow stripe and red under the wings.


Why S? said...

Thousands? Emerging from the ground? Hissing?

This makes me want to pass out. I am no Bilbo Baggins.

Sandy said...

All I can say about them is... ewwwwwwww!

Sarah said...

Okay, that little red guy, the nymph, he is creepy.

I like the Orc reference. I giggled a little bit.

Jen said...

They all are creepy. and ewwwww! and I am obsessed with smashing them. Which makes me weird.
I did speak to my neighbor and he said he smashed them too.

Yes in the spring....Thousands hatch from the earth... Yuck.

And they do hiss and actually spray something.

Sweet dreams!