Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Quick Break.

A stress reducing cup of hot tea with honey and lemon is one of
my afternoon treats of choice.

I am still very busy working, and very thankful to be busy.
I just wanted you to know I miss you and will post soon.

Do you have an afternoon treat that you enjoy during a stressful day?


Jean Martha said...

We're a 2-3 cup a tea per day house. Eng. Brkfast for me, herbal for the Fiance.

We miss your bloggin' too.

Jen said...

Yum... English Breakfast.

Shown is Tazo's Awake, which makes an great cup of black tea. (and you can use the bag twice)

Some herbals I really, really, like and some I really really hate.

Anonymous said...

I know it's a little sweet for some people's tastes, but I have been loving Good Earth tea lately -warm, sweet, spicy - yum!

Why S? said...

I either want a cup of coffee (with a lot of sugar) or a nap.

Jen said...

Stephanie, I will have to try that.

Why S?, Now coffee and a nap ! That sounds wonderful. I do love a good cup of coffee. Illy is my favorite, but currently not in the budget.

Anonymous said...

I love a hot cup of afternoon coffee with some yummy pumpkin spice flavored coffeemate.... or chai. Either one soothes my soul.

Jennifer said...

I'll join you with that cup of tea, no honey or lemon. :) YUMMY!

Sandy said...

There's nothing like a warm cup of tea and a nap!

(my WV was tedownin!)

Amanda Moran said...

I am Raspberry Zinger or Honey Vanilla Chamomile.

Decaf all the way. Made a huge difference when I gave that up.

Jen said...

Amanda, Thanks for visiting. I have learned to limit my caffine, but with out it, I am not fun to be around.

Kimberley said...

Hey, Jenni!

Thanks so much for stopping by Tallulah House :) I gotta tell ya that I'm a fan of Starbuck's soy chai-- can't do it every day, of course, but YUM!

Have a great day,

Jean Martha said...

You won the Grey Gardens contest on my blog...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni,

Had to visit since we're sorta neighbors (NE Alabama) and now will have to subscribe. Thanks for your greeting on the Renovation Therapy comments section. This blog world is ever expanding!
Loved the Lucky Dog entry especially. Though I dearly love my sister's freckled red dog, I'm a cat person. An older fat cat and this July a tiny black kitten who kept throwing herself against the screen door when she realized I was inside and she was outside!

Barbara H

Jen said...

Wooo Hoooo I won. It is like Christmas only early.
Thanks Jean.

Kimberly- Ive dropped by Tallulah House several times ( U R a GA blogger)just didn't comment. My friend lives in a neighborhood in ATL in a house similar to yours.

Barbara Thanks for dropping by. My Dad was from NE AL.