Thursday, January 3, 2008

Off to a good start...

WOW!!! has it been a busy couple of weeks here at ThirteenEleven. We've been busy getting things organized and prepared for the holidays including my sister and her family's visit. I unpacked boxes for the kitchen, gave the new dishwasher a good workout, (WOW, I forgot how I love dishwashers!!!) and move some of the other random boxes into the middle bedroom for storage. ( until we can get more of the house finished) We set up the dining room table, unrolled the rug, and placed dishes in the china cabinet. I cleaned up some never ending construction dust. Meanwhile Chris was able to get one set of steps on the deck so we can now officially use both the front door and the back door. ( we were using a ladder to get in and out the back door-Puppy doesn't do ladders.)
I prepared, collard greens, peas, cornbread, corn, baked sweet potatoes, a pork roast, and a pie for January 1st and the arrival of our guests. The greens were so pretty taking their bath in my deep kitchen sink...

In the south, peas are for luck and greens are for money in the new year.

We had a wonderful visit, and decided to take a trip down to Warm Springs to visit The Little White House. This trip would give my nephews something to write about when they get back to school. You remember.... What did I do on my Christmas Vacation? It was a fun trip and I haven't been there since I was probably 8-9. The boys learned a little about FDR.

While E.B. just wanted to "talk on the phone"..

(It was the coldest day of the year... )
This morning after everyone left for their venture home and a pit stop at AU, I took down the tree and the rest of the Christmas decor.

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