Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dressed in Pink

I have noticed that many of our house blog neighbors homes were once adorned in Pink. I believe at one time or another, almost every surface ThirteenEleven was pink. (There is evidence of at least 3 shades.) Most of the rooms the trim was painted the same shade as the walls.
Pink, Pink, and More Pink.
Pink over exposure.

The picture I missed was the plastic pink wall tile found under the paneling in the bath. It was found and ripped out very fast so we could repair the rot on the walls and floor. I could not believe they even made plastic wall tile. That was before I knew of the demand for the plastic bath wall tile for the mid century modern folks.
Sigh.... I would have saved it.

The brick on the fireplace--once painted pink.
The cast iron fireplace cover---pink.
The mantle---pink too.
The mullions---once pink.
The subway tile on the bedroom fireplace--once pink.
All pink.

Was your house ever Pink? Let us know and show us pics.


Jen said...

Wow when I look at the pics I realize how far we have come. I know that bath would have been very cold with that hole in the wall.

Amalie said...

Can't miss our pink bathroom in 3 distinct shades...

After renovating and decorating her house in pink pink pink, someone I know said she felt like she was trapped inside someone's mouth.


Tasch said...

My bathroom was mostly pink when I moved in. Pink with green plastic wall tiles. Those plastic tiles are fun to remove, aren't they? Oh and the tile on the fireplace in the bedroom was also pink (painted over with blue and yellow and who knows what else). You can see pictures at

Aileen said...

Oh my goodness -- I think your house is "pinker" than ours!! Thank god for paint!

Anonymous said...

Our main floor bathroom has a pink tub, sink, toliet
floor and walls. No plastic tile either - we've got the
good old ceramic tiles. When we bought our house
the walls and ceiling in the bathroom were painted
pink too!

As if that wasn't enough pink for one house the PO
painted the basement walls and ceilings pink. The
entire laundry room is painted too, that includes
every pipe in the room.

Julie in NJ

Anonymous said... too. Pink and green kitchen cabinets. Copper pipes under the sink were painted pink. Pink banister on the stairs. Pink ceiling in the bathroom. All walls have AT LEAST one layer of wallpaper in which pink is a prominently featured color. We can't forget the giant brick BBQ in the backyard...under the ivy--yep...PINK!

Perhaps Julie's POs are related to my POs?

- Tara in NJ

Jen said...

Tara-- the Pink BBQ is the Best so far... LOL !!

Sandy said...

The bricks on the front of my house are pink!

Jennifer said...

A day early, but what a Valentinsian post! Pink EVERYWHERE!

nolan & brandon said...

Our only pink discovery was the trim around our bathroom mirror/medicine cabinet. Apparently at some point, someone decided fuschia was the way to go. (It's really, really not.)

Steffi said...

Apparently our homeowners used the same color pallette as yours! Our bathroom seems to have had similar colors - pink, green, yellow!

Here are our pics:

n54th said...

In my house, it was green that the previous owners were obsessed with. Green in every room, green roof, green carpet. But there is plastic pink tile in the kitchen: