Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wren of ThirteenEleven

After slipping on my new fuzzy slippers this morning, (Thanks sis) I opened the bedroom doors and proceeded down the hall to make coffee. Just as I set foot in the kitchen, something flew at my head.

{You know, It wasn’t really my head; it just flew across the room. But anything flying anywhere close by always seems to be flying at your head. Hitchcockish.}

Quickly ducking, (The kind of duck where your neck disappears into your shoulders. I call it a turtle duck. )I yell at Chris-- still in the bed….

“There’s a bird in the house!”

He responds…
“Why did you leave the door open?”

“I just got up.”

“Well, why did you leave the door open?”

“The door is closed. It hasn’t been open”—in a more frustrated tone.

“Oh….What kind of bird? Still, from the bed.

“I don’t know it is flying around the house banging its beak into the fragile wavy glass.”

“Well open the door.” --He could have got up to help, by now, don't you think?

“It’s open.”

“Thought you said it’s closed.”

“I opened it when I realized there was a bird in the house.”

“Shoo it out.”

“What do you think I’m doing?”

“Chasing it around with the camera trying to get its picture.”

Well that too.

A benefit of living in an old house. The door casings are wide enough for a bird to land.

Finally after several trips round and round the house. The bird finds freedom in the now open door.

Looks like a Carolina Wren. Or a House Wren. ---really.
The question still is. How did it get in the house? Maybe the "squirl hole"

Another question you may be asking.
What exactly have they completed on their house lately?
Not much…. Sigh…
We have got rails on one side of the stairs to the deck this week. As for anything else on our to do list, Notta.
I am determined to do something with our trim soon.


Marilyn said...

Great shots! At the risk of stating the completely obvious - isn't a house wren a "Jenny Wren?"

Jen said...

I believe so, I think my mom calls me Jenny Wren sometimes.. :)