Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rubble Archaeology

We have a rubble pile in our alley. It's been there over a year . The rubble pile appeared early on in the renovation process. At the time we had a great young plumber, who worked at nights. I left him notes and plans, and the next morning, like magic, everything was done, and done correctly. On day he left me a note saying that he had to dig out some stuff to finish up the plumbing. It's not that big of a pile, but it is an interesting pile.

When it rains, new stuff appears as the dirt washes away. Mostly it's small chunks of coal. Sometimes it may be an odd piece of concrete. Once it was half of a plastic figurine. Nothing too great, like a dinosaur bone. Who knows, maybe that 5ct rose cut diamond, lost around 1927 is in that pile. (A house archaeologist's dream find, along with the money hidden in the walls, and the Picasso in the attic.)

I have managed to pick up enough pieces of this old porcelain tile to come up with what must have been the original bath tile pattern.

Yes, it's the black and white one that looks basketweave-ish once installed, much like I've seen in other period homes and from Houseblog neighbor's pics. When I was picking out tile, my gut kept telling me to pick that pattern, but my pocket book kept telling me to pick the one we did.

I am very happy with the bath tile we have. (That's an ol' pic.)

Oh right.....the diamond....... A girl can dream about diamonds can't she?

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Jennifer said...

Neat! It's amazing what you find in trash piles.