Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Walk: Part 6


Look what I noticed today on my walk.

This is Smith Hall from the once LaGrange Female College. I looked up information from my book and it states,"George King added the Victorian 1887."

This house is about a block away and has the same details.

She needs a little love.

(I know I should have zoomed in a bit on this pic)

The house next door has some of the same details.

See the 3 prong icon?
I also have noticed that so many pretty houses are facing North, and this time of year the front of the houses are always in shadow.

Hope you enjoyed the walk this afternoon.


Jennifer said...

I just love "going" on your walks with you! Such neat little architectural details. Thanks for pointing them out!

Sandy said...

I always enjoy going on your walks! Such lovely houses.