Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Between the Down Pours........

I spied this little guy hanging out on a Coleus leaf.

A tiny fellow. His body is smaller than a Begonia flower.

Then he spied me.
I think he thinks the lens of my camera is an eye. Which it is. Sorta, Kinda.

It just is not an eye of something that is gonna eat him for dinner, or lunch, or even breakfast.

But it did scare the poop out of him, anyway.

Look at the expression on his face. ( I wish the shot were a little better in focus. I laughed once I down loaded the pics and realized what was going on.)

Then he ran to the Margarita Sweet Potato Vine. He fit in well. The Sweet potato vine has gone crazy at the front of our house.

I thought I would include a shot from February of his mom or dad sunning on the deck.

And Finally....... the crazy sweet potato vine at the front of the house. (I am ready to give it a trim. )
It has gone wild. (I only planted 3 of them.)


Jason said...

Your front yard is incredible - like a flora explosion!

*plum*tree*studio* said...

how cute he is!! your front yard is beautiful jenni!! wanna give me some tips? haha

iloveupstate.com said...

Man, can't a lizard get a little privacy to do his bidness around here?!??!

modernemama said...

lizards rule (or is that a gecko?)

Karen in Wichita said...

It's an anole... American "chameleon." They can turn dark brown, and a kind of mottled in-between shade, but not like a true chameleon.

I had one as a pet in college; his name was Orkin. I once had someone knock on my dorm room door, holding a huge stadium cup, and somewhat hesitantly say/ask "I heard you had a lizard?" She had caught the largest cricket I'd ever seen. It was as big as Orkin's head, and he (eventually) ate it, and (even more eventually) digested it.

I got to show the kiddo a pair of anoles on a visit to Texas awhile back. They, uh, weren't pooping. He didn't ask what they *were* doing, to his grandmother's relief.

Marilyn said...

Poor little guy! You could at least have given him a newspaper or something.

Stephanie said...

He's so cute! I wish we had those in our yard.

Your yard, by the way, is gorgeous!

Sandy said...

How cool! Even though I know he's a chameleon, he looks like a gecco. His mamma would be so proud -- you've made him famous!

If you get a chance, come on over to my spot tomorrow. I have something for you!

p.s. Your yard is so very pretty.

EGE said...

I wish WE had lizards running around our yard! All we have are slugs. Oh, and starlings. Yay.