Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sister City....

Our town has a sister city, Poti in Georgia.
Yes, That Georgia. Many towns in this Georgia, have sister cities in that Georgia.
Our paper ran an article about our sister city and it had bits of a email from a young man in Poti.

Poti has been bombed by the Russians, due to it's harbor location on the Black Sea.

I thought I would share parts of this email from our paper.

“Yesterday, early in the morning, Poti was under attack for the second time. But our navy and army pushed them back. For the present moment. No one can tell what is gonna be and what to wait for. And the worst in this situation is that some people panic and pass it to others.

Believe me, panic kills faster than bombs and rockets. Those who have a place to go, left Poti and went to mountain regions. Me and my family have no place to go and went to my mother’s aunt, she lives in Poti as well, but away from port area.

“Now it is quiet in here, but everything can go wrong at any time. I am so depressed, that did not eat for 4 days. Did not sleep for the same time. I have never been in situation like this. Even during the civil war in ’90s, I do not remember days like this.

I was trying to check my mail , but could not get an access to it. Russia has blocked most of the web sites we have been going through.

Most of the people still panic and acting like wounded animals in the cage. I try to reach my friends in different places and still do not know if I will.

“I hope that this is not the last time I send a letter to you. I did not know if you received my letter I sent to you the day before yesterday. I am kindly asking you to find out for me what it takes to get a refugee status in USA, and how possible it is for me and my family. Dear D___, I am confirming again that I have never been so scared like now. I am affraid to sleep, same is with my bro, mom and dad. We are so tired of this.”


Why S? said...

It is so sad, and we here feel helpless to help. Please keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

This breaks my heart.

Jenni said...

I thought this to be a moving letter.

Sandy said...

How sad to live in that kind of fear.

Larry said...

I have been following this for a while now. This letter helps drive it home.

There is something else you might not know about 'that' Georgia...they eat grits just as much as US Georgians do!