Saturday, August 16, 2008

Marigold Garden

I grew these Marigolds from seed.
And every time I see a Marigold I think of a book that I had as a child.

Marigold Garden is a collection of short poems with wonderful illustrations. I never really knew why it was called Marigold garden. The book is not about marigolds.

You too can have a marigold garden for just cents.
Step one... Dead head a marigold. Any marigold. It helps the plant to bloom. You are helping..... Not stealing dead flowers.....just helping the plant to bloom.

Step two... Gather the seeds.
Step three...wait til next spring and plant in your yard. Or, start the seeds indoors.
I use to gather marigold seeds with my grandfather (my dad's dad).


Sandy said...

I love marigolds. They are bright sunshine on a cloudy day.

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

I thought I was one of only a few marigold fans. I love the bright colors and the way they fill in a garden. I saved seeds from great plants I had last year and hope to continue this process until they don't come up anymore.

Marilyn said...

They're sooo pretty, Jenni. We always planted them too, and I always wished that Mari-gold was my name instead of...bleah. Love the flowers!

NatalieDeltaGam said...

to all those lucky paint strippers: i hate you!

like you, paint NEVER strips easy for me....and we had to do the ceilings of our entire house. 4000 square feet with my neck at a 90 degree on a 12' ladder. makes me angry just thinking about it!!

Heather said...

how fun! that book looks sweet, but how strange the title has nothing to do with the story! said...

I know most people don't like it - but I love the way marigolds smell!

Jenni said...

I like the way they smell, too Upstate.