Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Walk: Newnan

Well.....It wasn't exactly Sunday when I took this walk around the historic Newnan town square.
It was Thursday of last week. A day the interstate home was too crowded, I decided to take the two lane home from Atlanta.

The city of Newnan has done a wonderful job keeping the historic buildings intact, re-used and preserved. Much different than the tear it down town we live in.

Andrew Carnegie built over 2500 libraries. Find out more here.

Wedding cake swags on buildings... So Robert Adam.

Delightful pressed tin.

This one was nice until they replaced the old windows with nasty metal windows with those press on mullions. I hate press on mullions!

At least the old wavy glass wooden windows are still in the courthouse.

Clock tower atop the courthouse. In the center of town square

Ohhhh Look... Egg and Dart details.

More on the houses of Newnan in another post.


Josh said...

Another nice collection. I really like that courthouse building, particularly the contrast in finishes between the stone columns, red brick, and patinated copper tower and details. Plus it just looks better with age.

Jenni said...

Josh... It does look better with age. I love the dirty look of the tower.