Friday, June 13, 2008

From the Archives..

Salvaged Flooring.

Chris re-built the rotted subfloor in several rooms of the house. Meaning the oak and heart pine floor boards had to be removed. This picture is from last May in the front bedroom. Chris's dad had the cast iron fire place surround (no summer cover ) sitting in some sort of sonic paint remover at his shop at the time. Which was GREAT. It took about 10 layers of paint off. All of the old subway tiles were painted over as well. I stripped the 10 layers of paint off the trim of the mantel in order to find the wood. It was a very pale light wood. Not oak. Actually most of the trim in the house is a pale light grained type of wood. Since the construction of the mantel was not the greatest and had been filled in places, I decided to paint it.
The room is painted Benjamin Moore's timothy straw.

Oh...... and we re-used most of the flooring.


modernemama said...

recycling and re-using - I love it

NatalieDeltaGam said...

oooooohhh! i want to see more!

Jennifer said...

Fun to be reminded of old projects! That is quite a pile of wood.